First words

So what’s new about the novel God Farmer and Spellbound Pambaa? Well it is about idyllic villages, small towns and big cities. Sounds like every other blurb. In a nutshell, it is the fun of growing up, the challenge of bringing up and the march of a generation in transition. Ughh! Sick of fundaas and gyaan shikshaa. Dreams, careers and our cultural and spiritual traditions. Not impressed? It is about ‘been there, done that’ and people we all know. Not impressed yet? Enough of silly promos and get down to business—just have fun reading the novel.

Appowl orru adipoli khatha parayaam.

Recounting interesting anecdotes about events and places is good entertainment. Telling a story like a mind-reading of many characters affords those precious mojo-moments. When you find yourself in a story, perhaps that’s lasting joy. I write in the hope of kindling curiosity and bringing out the pleasure of reading; perhaps we have few things in common. Often times those who echo the opinion of others seldom feel bold enough to judge for themselves.  It sounds cliché; but please read my novel and that’s an honest appeal.

FOLIO Publishers brought professional experience and useful tips on reader behavior to format the manuscript into a novel as keep-sake.   Perhaps it is that expectation about a new book by a debut author that will lead you to pick up a copy and turn to first page. Keep alive your spirit of adventure and I appreciate your choice. Enjoy reading God Farmer and the Spellbound Pambaa. Critics, indifferent ones and friendly readers matter most to a writer. Now we’re connected forever and you tell me what next! I look forward to your comments and feedback.


Thank you.

Krishna K